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Currently we sublet our MOT tests to a local testing station that carry out vehicle testing only (no repairs) and although they charge the full Ministry advised fee (no luring discounts), we believe they provide a very fair and economical method to a pass certificate. Any repairs required will of course be taken care of by ourselves.

For our own service customers where we know the car, particularly where there is no doubt that a car is being kept; we generally check and prepare the car for a first-time MOT pass. Where the car is not known to us or in cases where a car is near the end of its service life, we generally present for test first, then advise the owner of likely repair costs.

We specialise in:

  • Audi, VW & Seat/Skoda
  • Specialist diagnostic services also available for BMW, Jaguar, Volvo
  • Common rail fuel system diagnosis & repair
  • Quality car servicing
  • MOT preparation & repairs
  • Engine tuning/fault diagnosis
  • Fuel injection/ABS brakes
  • Air conditioning repairs
  • Friendly efficient service
  • Local collection & return available

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